Our culture...

  •  A Catalyst for spiritual growth and development; Not a crutch.  
  •  A Disciple equipping ministry devoted to training believers to embrace their God-given purpose.
  • A Commissioning ministry. The Relevant Matriculation process creates an outlet through which an individual is compelled to cultivate his/her passions through serving. You will get an opportunity to express the knowledge and training received through the taught word of God, and learn to serve the Kingdom out of your passions and love for God.
  • A Relational ministry. Our back door is closed. That means we will work to ensure people connected to Relevant do not “fall through the cracks” due to disconnection. We keep people engaged through tangible, immediate and consistent contact; building real relationships…from the parking lot to the pulpit. Additionally, our connection-group and social media interactions will help us to foster and build a meaningful, relevant church community.
  • An incredibly Inspiring, Worship-filled atmosphere where people are welcomed, accepted, and appreciated.

Be a part of our story...

Join us every Sunday for The Gathering  9:30 am.