How did we get here

Our journey starts off like most people called to pastor; with running shoes on, running as fast as possible in the opposite direction. Over the years, I tried to make what God has called me to do, fit with what was comfortable for me. Which turned me into a serial entrepreneur who was focused on making disciples in the market. I have started several businesses in an attempt to answer God’s call on my life, but to no avail. Some of them God would allow to be successful, and the others…..well you know. The funny thing about disobedience is it will always cost you something, and most of the time it’s expensive. It got to the point that my wife said, “You can’t start one more thing!!!!!”
The other thing that made it difficult to answer the call, was attempting to recover from church hurt during the call. It was very difficult to see myself reproducing something that I didn’t agree with. God allowed us to process and work through our issues, but that didn’t change the fact that we were still frustrated with the system of “church”. As God allowed us to process, He kept leading us back to His heart and purpose for the “Church”. It took us three and a half years of being intentional about becoming healthy, to get to the point where the call was no longer difficult to handle.
God is filled with compassion for His people, and He desires that none perish (2 Peter 3:9). He relocated us to Suwanee, GA, so we could realign our priorities and focus on what He was doing in us. Even with the move, the call wasn’t clear, and I stilled wrestled with the idea of starting a "church". In November of 2012, I finally reached a point where, by any means necessary, I would become all that God had called me to be. In that process, the pages of this story began to be written.
As I stated the pages of this story are still being written, Suwanee and Birmingham were testing and developing grounds for us. God, with His divine plan & purpose, was prepping & testing us to see if were willing to follow Him anywhere He goes. Even if that meant completely stepping out of our comfort zone and going to a place that was not on our list of states to live in.